summer jams 07

1.) "atlas" by battles
the voice sounds like a robotic chipmunk but in an awesome way. it is actually very effective. and those drums. shoegazers reduced the voice to texture or another instrument but here the voice becomes the focus by exceeding its role as voice. plus it just rocks. post-rock (aka math rock) never sounded so fun.

2.) "reverend green" by the animal collective
that tremelo guitar part that acts as the foundation sounds so mournful and when he (panda bear? avey?) screams reverend green over and over again until it becomes something like "reverend mean" or "revere me" and then he just screams... i really love that part. it feel very cathartic.

3.) "murder city" by bark psychosis
this unreleased track from the HEX sessions (that great post rock album of '94) serves as a reminder that the BP cited godflesh as one of their musical inflences. this track makes glenn branca sound like a pussy. sorry that isn't very PC i realize. but i mean that in a non-femanophobic way (that's not really a word). if you listen to this song loud enough when you haven't slept enough or taken some (lots of?) cold medicine, you see visions.

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