Sense of an Ending - 1/15 and 16

Paul and the nuns

Paul and the men

Lulu Ascending - 1/12 and 13

Scene 1, the world turns round Lulu

The Vigil or The Guided Cradle - 1/11 and 14

The Gold Room


music for 2007

i know this is all about the theatre but i can't resist:


1.) new Stars of the Lid: after 6 years SOTL are back. judging from the 2 MP3s that are out there from the new april album, it is time to get depressed and crank it up for some more ambient Erik Satie-loving goodness
2.) the new Deerhoof, FRIEND OPPORTUNITY: if your high school marching band weren't a bunch of losers, they'd make music as kicking as this.
3.) BRACKEN: with hood on sabbatical for another year, this solo outing will have to do, but the track "heathen" is reminding me why i loved COLD HOUSE and why you should too.
4.) THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE QUEEN: you can hate damon albarn all you want but this stuff is GOOD, hauntology for the masses
5.) the new Bloc Party, A WEEKEND IN THE CITY: ok, i downloaded it already. but it is damn good and deserves to be a big hit. plus Kele is family, if you'll pardon my lesbian lingo

honorable mention: !!!'s MYTH TAKES, deerhunter's CRYPTOGRAMS, menomena's FRIEND OR FOE, clap your hands and say yeah (surprise! since i wasn't excited about the first).

recent buys: Burial s/t, The Skaters GAMBLING IN OPHA'S SHADOW, geoff mullen's thrtysxtrllnmnfstns, CONGOTRONICS 2, earwig UNDER MY SKIN I'M LAUGHING



Thanks to all the folks who came out to support the company during TASTE! Thanks to Crystal and Caridad for their sharing their wonderful plays with us!