from a random girl

i found this in my inbox tonight after a long day at the theatre:

I didn't have a username for blogspot so I decided to let you in on a
frustrating incident with my cell.

I lost my "red razr" cell when i went to watch The Simpsons. It slipped out
of my tote bag on the floor and when i realized my phone was missing (which
was only 5 mins) I ran back in and someone has stolen it already. I kept
calling my dame phone for 2 hours and I knew it was a goner. Even though
it's frustrating to lose a phone that I stupidly did not have insurance for,
I lost a very special keychain that I received for my birthday attached to
that phone. Then, I had to buy a new phone for 200 bucks (rip-off) that
doesn't have a camera, a key chain hole and it doesn't supply me the time
when I'm underground with no service. I was also charged 5 bucks for calling
411/311 a gazillion times on my friends cell. Isn't life great? Not only are
people conniving thefts (if i called a million times, the least you can do
is to give it back dammit!) but our state government has to charge us money
for an operating system that is suppose to help us. So yeah, I've been
rambling for a while. Thanks for reading it till now, if you did.

Btw, the play sounds very interesting...for the sake of the Eskimos and the
poor guy who loses his phone, I do feel compel to watch it.

Yours truly,

a random girl


reh 13

betsy came in and we recorded lots of voiceovers/spam.
we'll figure out how to use them later.
but now we have the in the can.

more working through play.

more building.

still no camera.

might have to swallow my CC and go buy a new one.

NOTE: A very generous donor donated an iPhone to us. Raffle tickets will be available at the door at each performance. $5 per raffle ticket. Think of that spend $5 bucks and get an iPhone. Or even better: buy 40 tickets for $200 and increase your chances, spend less than you would at the Apple store, and donate a bunch to your favorite theatre company.

That would be us.

Remember that.

See you soon.


camera died.
no pictures.

linear working through play

i'm been listening to that sunset rubdown cover of apistat commander a lot. where will that show up i wonder.

people (we love people) are building/painting/sewing things in the theater and it is all comeing together.

ever paint a black ceiling white? We all think its tons 'o' fun.



first we did character questions and answers ("The Ken Washington Exercise")
Here's a pic of them answering

the we came together and each actor got to doa small painting of their experience so far after 11 days working with the play. the results are below. they chatted, listened to cheery music (for once!) and drew. good times.

we closed rehearsal with a stumble thru.

we've come a long way.
we've got a way to go.
we'll get there.

Buy tickets and come see us


painting #1


painting #2


painting #3


painting #4



marvin tom



i lost my cell phone on friday. it slipped out of my pocket in a cab. i called it for hours but i gave up. i really hated that cell phone. it never worked right. the battery would die after what seemed like 15 min of use. i bought a new one but as a result, i lost all my numbers. i sent out an email to ask for everyone's # again. they thought it was a publicity ploy. AS IF I WAS THAT CLEVER! you see the new play ESKIMOS is all about a man who loses his cell phone...

if anyone besides me and DMC read this blog, post a comment and tell us about your cell phone experiences:


summer jams 07

1.) "atlas" by battles
the voice sounds like a robotic chipmunk but in an awesome way. it is actually very effective. and those drums. shoegazers reduced the voice to texture or another instrument but here the voice becomes the focus by exceeding its role as voice. plus it just rocks. post-rock (aka math rock) never sounded so fun.

2.) "reverend green" by the animal collective
that tremelo guitar part that acts as the foundation sounds so mournful and when he (panda bear? avey?) screams reverend green over and over again until it becomes something like "reverend mean" or "revere me" and then he just screams... i really love that part. it feel very cathartic.

3.) "murder city" by bark psychosis
this unreleased track from the HEX sessions (that great post rock album of '94) serves as a reminder that the BP cited godflesh as one of their musical inflences. this track makes glenn branca sound like a pussy. sorry that isn't very PC i realize. but i mean that in a non-femanophobic way (that's not really a word). if you listen to this song loud enough when you haven't slept enough or taken some (lots of?) cold medicine, you see visions.











Check this out

From our friend George Hunka over at Superfluities

Discount Ticket Code included!


Tom loves that. It looks like Marvin does too.

Dylan watches.


lost in a sea of spam. andy in foreground.


Marvin in plain view. talking to mysterious woman


worked marvin/woman phone calls. on cell phones in separate rooms.

here is the mysterious woman


Memories. Real Pasts. Fictional Pasts. Let them belnd together. Actors chose a selection of photgraphs to represent their characters pasts. here are some of the pictures not chosen. Boltanski inspired me greatly on this one.




Table Work.

Knock Knock
Who's There
Impatient Cow
Impatient Cow-

The therapist is a cyborg. The therapist is an coney island novelty in the corner of a starbucks. it can cleanse you. bring you back to zero. when the noise becomes too much.

* * *



you'll have to come see the show to find out what is behind the curtains.

let's make a deal:


Postcard Image


actors were read two quotes:

THE PAST - Fictional existents known only through the persistence of memory

THE FUTURE - (if it exists) Live only as possibility.

Actors wrote down memories of their character's lives. Actors wrote down what possibilities they were desirous of in the future.

they then choose to images to reflect the past and future and chose two memories or desires to share with the group.

below are the images.

melissa's images

andy's images

carol's images

Michael's images

Solnit Quote

in summation:

the landscape in which identity is grounded is not solid stuff; it's made out of memory and desire.



actors built boxes.

less objects though.

hysterical and useless
starting and then stopping
it always turns out dreadful
one of these days i'm going to grow wings
don't get sentimental it always turns out dreadful
you know who you are with
the emptiest of feelings

sometimes boxes open sometimess closed.

this is what open boxes look like (acid colors huh?)

open boxes (michael and andy)

closed boxes (melissa and michael)


ken brought new pages in so we re-read the play with new pages. ken left.

we used let down and lyrics from the original and a cover version. actors then created two monlogues with selected lyrics that provoked them and lines their characters say in the play.

this is them working on their monologues.

i don't know what's going on with these colors


This is a great book about the artist Christian Boltanski and time and forgetting and remembering and the nature of memory and the nature of art amongst other thigns. we used a poem in it by Tadeusz Kantor called THE ROOM. The actors then constructed a room that represented the play. Pictures follow

Building the ESKIMO ROOM


1st Rehearsal

First Rehearsal Thursday.
Read-Thru of play.
Added Cristin Milioti as SISTER (also her birthday). we sang.
design presentation.
listened to winged/wicked things.
went home.


the sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.

what i've been reading

the sound of ten years on...

What I've been listening to

Our Designers!

Set - Lee Savage
Costumes - Emily Rebholz
Lights - Thom Weaver
Sound - Elizabeth Rhodes

Our Cast!

Marvin - Michael Tisdale
Christine/Detective/Luk-Luk - Melissa Miller
Tom/Cop/Tuk-Tuk - Andrew Breving
Woman/Puk-Puk - Carol Monda