Mushroom opens on Thursday June 29th

Ken was asked to write a play about American perceptions of Australia for a festival of new work and his play MUSHROOM opens Thursday June 29th as part of Week Three of the AUSTRALIA PROJECT at the Kraine Theater.

By Ken Urban
Directed by Judson Kniffen

"Worse than Texas, Alabama, and the Epcot Center all pureed into one fucked-up country. That’s where we are. Dead space Australia and we need to get home."

Andrew and Laura sit in a waiting room, thinking the worst has happened. But things get much worse. What has happened to Mark? And what's behind that door, the door that begs to be opened?

With Jay Smith, Ani Bluhm, and David Mawhinney.

Part of THE AUSTRALIA PROJECT, an evening of new American plays about the Land Down Under. Program Three also features new plays by Elizabeth Meriwether, Kate Moira Ryan, Michael John Garces and Courtney Baron.

Thursday June 29th @ 8pm
Friday June 30 @ 8pm
Saturday July 1 @ 8pm
Sunday July 2 @ 3pm

The Kraine Theater
85 East 4th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)
(6 to Astor Place, F/V to 2nd Ave)

Tix: $18