from a random girl

i found this in my inbox tonight after a long day at the theatre:

I didn't have a username for blogspot so I decided to let you in on a
frustrating incident with my cell.

I lost my "red razr" cell when i went to watch The Simpsons. It slipped out
of my tote bag on the floor and when i realized my phone was missing (which
was only 5 mins) I ran back in and someone has stolen it already. I kept
calling my dame phone for 2 hours and I knew it was a goner. Even though
it's frustrating to lose a phone that I stupidly did not have insurance for,
I lost a very special keychain that I received for my birthday attached to
that phone. Then, I had to buy a new phone for 200 bucks (rip-off) that
doesn't have a camera, a key chain hole and it doesn't supply me the time
when I'm underground with no service. I was also charged 5 bucks for calling
411/311 a gazillion times on my friends cell. Isn't life great? Not only are
people conniving thefts (if i called a million times, the least you can do
is to give it back dammit!) but our state government has to charge us money
for an operating system that is suppose to help us. So yeah, I've been
rambling for a while. Thanks for reading it till now, if you did.

Btw, the play sounds very interesting...for the sake of the Eskimos and the
poor guy who loses his phone, I do feel compel to watch it.

Yours truly,

a random girl

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