For the Cool Kids

Special deal for people that read this

Special 2-for-1 tickets are available for these performances:

FRI 9/28
SAT 9/29
SUN 9/30
MON 10/1

All the performances start at 8pm and are at:

The Linhart Theater @ 440 Studios
440 Lafayette Street (across from the Public)
(Theater entrance at 436 Lafayette due to construction)

$18 bucks buys you not ONE but TWO tickets so you can bring a friend, your boss, your mom, or that nice man you met on the 6 train trying to sell you batteries.

The only way to get the deal is to write to eskimos@thecommitteetheatre.org and say you heard about the deal on the blog. Make sure you let us know how many tickets you want: 2 for 18, 4 for 36, 6 for 54, it's all good.

Cool. And since you're cool, you will want to come and enter our raffle for a swanky 8GB IPhone. Raffle tickets are only Five bucks. Can you imagine that? You could get yourself an iPhone for Five bucks but yu gotta come see the show for the chance.


Peace out, cool kids.

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