this is the sound set up for the show. betsy could explain it better but we're running sound off of my ipod, a cd player, a mini disc and an akai sampler with midi triggers which is what the roland keyboard is for. different sounds will be triggered by the different keys which will allow me (did i mention i am running this system during the shows?) to access many sound cues and choose different ones each night for individual moments. we've also augmented the theatre with additional speakers and amplifiers to cover all this.

I will be running sound for every show (though i am hoping Betsy will come in and guest dj when the mood strikes her). I will also be able to manipulate the lights nightly (though I am also hoping that Thom will come in and guest dj as well). I will have 24 submasters that i can use to augment the "set" light cues. The costumes also have some elements that can be altered from perf to perf. This truly creates a one-of-a-kind experience for every performance.

in essence we are doing a different version of the production every night, much like a band performing a song. There is a set form to follow nightly but room to experiment.

our process will never end and the actors, SM and I will touch base after each show to talk about what effects worked and which maybe didn't. We're growing with each performance. it's all very exciting (and scary).

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